CBD Summer Camp

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How many times have you wished that you could spend a weekend learning about Cannabinoid science from the country’s top Cannabis science writers/researchers, sleep in a treehouse, get into an outdoor Ganja Yoga flow, swim in a beautiful natural pool and experience a one of a kind Cannabis Brunch…..all on one of the best Cannabis and Hemp farms in the country?

Well this summer CBD Summer Camp is granting your wishes!

This summer, August 23-26 2019 is CBD Summer Camp in Takilma, Oregon

Chef, Cannabis Educator and Event Planner Liv Vasquez has teamed up with award winning East Fork Cultivars, cultivators of FDA certified Organic CBD, the educational initiative “CBD Certified Program” to bring you a one of a kind, all inclusive, adults only summer camp. 

See first hand where the cleanest CBD in the country is sourced, and meet the people who work diligently to keep CBD standards at their highest. 

Guests of this unique retreat will spend mornings learning about how Cannabinoids work in the body and how this new “Cash Crop” is cultivated, from Cannabinoid Specialist and researcher, Zoe Sigman and afternoons having fun experiencing one of our four “Elemental Activities”...

Air - Ziplining at the Treehouse Resort

Heat - Outdoor Ganja Yoga with “Ganja Yoga” trained yogis

Water - Swim in one of TWO natural swimming pools that naturally fills from the Columbia River

Earth - Get into the dirt hiking around the gorgeous area of the California, Oregon border

Campers will have all plant based snacks and meals included from Friday evening until Monday morning, including a sunday “High Noon Brunch” hosted by Liv Vasquez, considered the “Alton Brown” of cannabis and food science who organizes beautiful events that are comparable to a wedding.


This camp is a great opportunity for someone who wants to learn more about what to consider when investing or starting a cannabis/hemp company. Learn about what makes an incredible CBD product from soil to digestion and how CBD & our Endocannabinoid System works on a gorgeous hemp farm in southern Oregon. 

Learn more about this incredible camp and reserve your camp spot at!

BYO- Camping gear option is $450

All inclusive including lodging in a cabin, glamping bell tent or Tree House is $700 for Fri-Mon with payment plan options via 

All plant based meals, beverages, accommodations, product, experiences (except ziplining), High Noon Brunch, classes, bedding and all of the glamping creatures comforts are all included in the price of camp.

In an effort to make this camp as accessible and inclusive as possible ASL Interpreters will be available, and there are a variety of payment and camping options.

(**Accommodations for BYO-camping gear are only the lot for camp set up.. No tents, bedding/linens included in this package )