About Liv

By high school, Liv had already seen most of The South. Between moving around with her gypsy of a mother and going on tour with bands as small as they come to as big as Metallica, she had lived everywhere from Texas to South Carolina, and ate all the good food in-between. Inspired by what she tasted, at fifteen, she enrolled in culinary school, and after a double graduation four years later, assisted in opening of over a dozen restaurants at Universal Studios, that included working side by side with Emeril, Jimmy Buffett and Bob Marley’s family to help them achieve their larger than life theme park vision.

By 21, she was ready to move to New York City and open a restaurant of her own.

Soup, There It Is opened that year, across the street from famed Lower East Side venue, Arlene’s Grocery. With eight rotating soups and vegan baked goods, the praise she received from Soup lead to her to open a second, larger restaurant, Cafe Juanita. Juanita’s, on the corner of Rivington & Clinton Street, was instantly a success, serving up frozen margaritas and Mexican, Colombian and Soul Food fare.

In 2007, Liv decided to sell Juanita’s and started working as a stage manager at Jimmy Fallon’s cabaret and eatery Mo Pitkins. This was the first in a line of stages she would manage over the next few years from Mo’s in the East Village to The Comedy Store in West Hollywood, working with musical acts that consist of everyone from Fiest to Skeletonwitch and comedic legends such Zach Galifianakis, Jeff Garlin, Patton Oswalt and many more. Meanwhile, Liv decided to learn the trade of the cocktail bartender, juggling her two lives until one day, she got tired of living like a vampire.

So she decided to move after a short stint in LA , up to Portland, Oregon where she now lives, to work on recipes, hone serious craft cocktail skills, and get ready to write a book, when the darndest thing happened: Marijuana became legal.  Liv made the leap from bartender to budtender like a champ, educating herself not only in cannabis but in how we digest cannabinoids and the various nuances of the plant. Which basically means she can show you how to make some fun as hell, fucking delicious edibles that won’t make you feel crazy.

In summary….your girl has partied and she’s here to teach you how.