About Liv
Liv Vasquez brings her experience as a chef, recipe writer, and restaurateur to the Cannabis/CBD space by using beautiful events and beautiful plates as an educational tool to teach about Hemp, Cannabis, this immerging industry and plant medicine. Liv began her career at 18, as she graduated culinary school and went right into a position that she was scouted for, to assist in building out, staffing and creating menus for a variety of restaurants for the new Universal theme park, and City Walk. By 21 Liv had opened 15 experiential dining restaurants. Designing menus, staffing and helping with kitchen lay ou and design, all with the guest in mind. "If I was spending my savings to come to a themed restaurant, what would i need to touch, taste, smell and hear to make that experience memorable?". After opening restaurants themes after Emeril, Bob Marley, Jimmy Buffett and more, Liv moved to New York and was scouted by the Gramercy Park Hotel to open a restaurant on their roof and two restaurants of her own in Manhattan by the age of 23. Eventually she moved into stage management and restaurant consulting, working in New York, California and Oregon. After moving to Oregon, recreational Marijuana was passed for legalization and Liv began working in a medical dispensary, helping them transition from a Medical to a Recreational dispensary. Creating an educational database with product and strain information, while staying up to date on daily changing law and regulation in order to keep all sales compliant. This was when Liv began working closely with Cannabis cultivators (farms) and doctor recommended medical patients to educate herself about Cannabis as plant medicine as well as it's Cultivation, Ethics, History, Lineage, Science and research around it. After 3 years of educating, researching and essentially taking on clients as case studies, Liv started Livvie Smalls Events. Building speakeasy style, pop up events in private residences all over the country as a beautiful and experiential way to engage and educate about Cannabis. Transforming "Stoner Culture" into "Cultured Stoners". In an effort to make more informed consumers and put ethics and science in the forefront, Liv began spending more time talking about effective and ethical brands and products and making a network of cannabis science researchers all over the world she has had access to new research and discoveries in the cannabis science communities. Talking about Cannabis and food from soil to ingestion, she makes this information comprehensive and passes it along to her clients and guests helping them understand efficacy, absorption, laws, and what makes a clean and effective products. Using food as an educational tool, she teaches about the science of absorption, how regulation and policy effects the consumer experience, information about cannabis business, cannabis science and more, ultimately making her the "Alton Brown" of Cannabis Food and events. Penning "Smart Infusion" in 2019, Liv shares her perspective on what to consider to have the best possible Edibles experience for you, helping to eliminate the "bad brownie experience" and put you in charge of how an edible effects you. Liv is currently working as a content creator, recipe writer and private caterer for clients all over north America.