high noon brunch

High Noon Brunch comes back to Portland!

March 31st at 12pm High Noon Brunch Returns to Portland!


Ring in spring with local food, wine and Cannabis on this one of a kind dining adventure!

The night before our event you will be given an address. You will meet my transportation team there, they will take you to this beautiful green house where you will enjoy incredible food and cannabis that is as local as a few feet from your table. This event is for food, cannabis and plant lovers with an adventurous spirit.

Ticket Costs will include..
°Transportation from Downtown and South East Portland on a specialty transportation vehicle,
°Multiple courses of microdosed Vegetarian fare that has been grown and hrbridized as close as 2 feet from the table,
°Local Cannabis flower and extractions,
°Multiple CBD and Terpene cocktails,
°Cannabis Education and Q&A,
°Craft Product to take with you and to consume, all of this while
Meeting other cannabis enthusiasts and Cultivators and going on an exciting dining adventure!
Reserve tickets pre sale, before tickets will go on sale March 5th, seats are very limited.
Once you are approved and purchase your ($175) ticket you will get instructions on where to meet your transportation team that will take you to a private property where you will go into a beautiful green house enjoy a multi course Brunch that is micro dosed with Cannabanoids, while you learn more about Cannabis Absorption, drink CBD cocktails, losten to curated music, take home Gift bags that will include some serious swag.
Cannabis Chef, Event Planner and Educator, Liv Vasquez, brings you on an "Educational Dining Adventure", that centers around using cannabis recreationally and responsibly.
Liv's experience as a chef and within the cannabis industry has given her an incredible grasp of Cannabis absorption and digestion, making her catering more than just food, it's a manipulation of the Endocanabanoid System.
My next event, High Noon Brunch, will bring table-to-farm ,serving a microdosed, educational brunch in the greenhouse of a local farm.
This brunch will feature Cannabis Education, local cannabis, local artists and artisans, wine makers and of course food as local as a few feet away from the soil it was grown in.
Guests will learn about Cannabis as a Plant, using Cannabis for health and Cannabis as an industry, while eating amazing vegetarian fare that has been lightly dosed with Cannabanoids.
Liv caters to the guest who has had a bad experience with Cannabis, giving low doses and information to empower diners and put them more in control to almost garauntee a more positive relationship with Cannabis going forward.
It will be an experience not to be missed!!
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