This is a question I have had to answer a lot lately. There is no title for what I do, or specific degree for this...yet.
My background that got me to be This kind of "One woman show" is pretty exstensive...
I have been a chef for close to 20 years, opening near 30 restaurants as a training chef or chef de cuisine, 2 of those being restaurants of my own on the Lower East Side of Manhattan. Then I moved in to stage management and craft cocktails, making menus for bars, event coordinating and managing stages from New York to Portland, with LA for a bit in between.

Once Recreational Marijuana laws started to pass in Oregon I started working in Cannabis, and made a bit of a college program for myself.
I was working in the retail space with customers and working with doctors getting referrals, as well as working in the thick of marijuana tourism.
I audited classes and lectures about the Endocannabinoid system from Researchers from all over the globe, then implemented this education in real life situations, seeing return customers progress and healing over time.
All of this while figuring out different ways to infuse foods, different ways that we absorb cannabinoids, and the different effects those infusions had once eaten.
In addition, I learned a lot about strain lineage, even making a database of strain information for one of my clients.

My understanding of the varied uses of the plant, food, digestion, and how we absorb Cannabis gave me the ability to predict what kind of high and what kind of healing different products and strains can do for you, which customers were very excited about! I eventually began taking on clients helping them set up regimens for health.
Now I am working with national companies and brands writing recipes and consulting on the marketplace while bringing all of my food, knowledge and an experience to other people in recreational markets to show them the magic of cannabis.
All of my guests & clients have loved the parties that I have thrown for them to celebrate their new relationship with Marijuana!
My parties are educational, fun and a way to feel pampered!
Come to an event that I'm planning near you, or hire me to privately cater and event plan and see for yourself!!