CBD Summer Camp tickets are up!


CBD summer camp is an adult summer camp/retreat experience that is beautiful, fun and informative.

Two sessions of camp will happen this summer in Takilma, Oregon..

Session 1:  Aug.16th 4pm to Aug.19th 12pm

Session 2: Aug.23 4pm to Aug.26th 12pm

Buy tickets here for camp session 1 or session 2 here...



Highlighting East Fork Cultivars Organic and ethical farm and practices, campers will see first hand where some of the highest quality CBD in the country is grown. Learn about ethical clean and legal cultivation right from the source.

You will get to start your day with breakfast and a CBD tea or coffee surrounded by the hemp farm that grew that beautiful CBD. Spend mornings touring an ethical farm, learning about legal cultivation and how cannabinoids interact with our system.


During the 2nd half of the day, choose between our four, Elemental Daily Activities, choose an adventure and make your summer camp experience your own!

💧Water - Sun bathe and relax, enjoying lounging by one of the natural pools. Kick back and relax while enjoying a CBD refreshment and some sunny day tunes.

🔥Fire - Stretch and breathe while enjoying outdoor yoga taught by one of our Ganja Yoga trained instructors.

🏞 Earth - Take a guided hike and enjoy the beautiful and lush Oregon landscape.

🌬 Wind - Feel the wind on your face as you zip line through the trees of the neighboring treehouse resort.

In the evening all of the campers will reconvene for a  nightly get together like making campfire CBD s'mores or enjoying a night time movie mixer with micro-dosed drinks and snacks. 

At the end of the day campers can snuggle into their comfy camp bed and listen to a playlist made just for them or the sounds of the nature around them. 

Some campers will be in a "Glamp" style double bunk tent and some will have cabin accommodations. Campers can also book a treehouse at the In N Out Treehouse resort for an extra fee.

CBDSUMMERCAMP is for campers 21 and older. 


Tickets will include meals, snacks, accommodations and activities during camp as well as a Livvie Smalls Events High Noon Brunch and certification from East Fork Cultivars CBD Certified program.

CBD Summer Camp is designed so that campers that want to travel from far away to sleep on this gorgeous Cannabis & Hemp farm, are able to travel light. We are providing all of the creature comforts like tents, beds and bedding. (So this would be ideal for any campers coming from DC or New York.)

Working with @eventhi.io we have come up with a way for campers to either make payments in installments of $200 or pay $800 all at once.

We have also designed a camper registry form that will help us pair up campers with a great bunk partner and camp experience.


If you want to come to bunk with a friend, you can do that too! 

All you have to do is make sure that you and your friend are signed up for the same weekend and then you both list each other's name on your camper registry. That way we know you both want to share a tent and we can make sure you get to camp together.  

Campers will have access to Restrooms and Showers adjacent to their camp accommodations.

Camp ticket includes accommodations, meals and snacks, activities (Zip-lining is the only activity with an extra fee), Cannabinoid focused products to use and take home, Education, and more.


Campers traveling from outside of Oregon will either want to fly into the Portland, PDX airport and drive or carpool down to the East Fork Farm in Southern Oregon (about 5 hour drive) or  fly into the Medford Airport and drive to the farm (2 hour drive).

Camp ticket does not include transportation, so we encourage groups to carpool. If you need help finding a carpool to join you can email us at cbdsummercamp@gmail.com and we will do our best to help you find one.

We are working with a few activist groups to make sure that  people  of varied economic backgrounds will be represented   over these two weeks of summer camp. If you would like to make a donation towards a camp experience for someone send an email to Cbdsummercamp@gmail.com

Fine Print: By participating in CBD Summer Camp you wave all liability against the camp property and organizers. We ask that everyone participating in camp be mindful of their consumption and of the people around them. The organizers will take every precaution to ensure safety of our guests in conjunction with campers being cautious and aware of themselves and their surroundings.

This will be during Fire season so we ask that everyone be cautious and aware of their fire and where they are disposing of things after smoking. We ask that no one dispose any fire or smoking products anywhere but in designated ashtrays and garbage cans. Because this is during summer there is a chance of fire if smoke or fire makes conditions unsafe for campers we will contact you to reschedule your Camp weekend. Of course we don't foresee this happening, but if we wants to take every precaution to make sure that you are safe and not inhaling smoke that you don't want to inhale.

Pathways will be clearly marked and lit when possible/necessary, but you should take all of the same precautions you would while camping. If you need an ASL interpreter please let us know, we want to be inclusive of all abilities. This retreat will have unpaved roads and dust in the air so please keep that in mind if that effects you and how you get around.

You may have your photo taken during this weekend. By buying a ticket to the this event you are acknowledging that.  

If we feel that you are being disruptive to the peaceful nature of this camp during any time we reserve the right to ask you to leave with no refund.

This camp is open to all people and we have a zero tolerance policy when it comes to any racism, sexism, ableism or any other sorts of bigotry. It is our mission to make everyone feel as comfortable and safe with cannabis and hemp and any related events and activities, so we ask that everyone be respectful and kind to the people around them at camp.

Photo taken of the East Fork Farm in southern Oregon are by Olivia Ashton.