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Holiday cookies that help with Holiday Stress!


The best part about December is all of the cookies, right?

But let's be real, the holidays can be so stressful and riddled with anxiety for most of us. Family coming into town, crowded spaces, the pressure of having to have everything ready in time!  It all can be pretty tough. So why not treat yourself??

These Chocolate Chip Cookies with Coconut and Pink Sea Salt are a nice twist on a holiday classic!


Make sure you micro-dose these if you add in THC, because you will definitely want to eat the whole batch!

---Chocolate Chip Cookies with Coconut Flakes and Pink Sea Salt----

Preheat oven to 350

This recipe yields 12 cookies

1 stick of softened butter

1 Tsp Cannabutter measuring around 60mgs THC   

2 tblsp Milk or Milk alternative

1.5 cups Bob's Red Mill All Purpose Flour

1 Tsp Baking Powder

1/3 Tsp salt

1 Tsp Pink Sea Salt (for topping)

1/3 cup Coconut flakes (for topping)

1 Tblsp vanilla Extract

1/2 Cup (packed) Light Brown Sugar

1.5 Cups Chocolate Chips 

(You could also add in 1/2 of a cup of pecans if you're into that kinda thang! Just add them in when you add in the chocolate chips.) 


Blend together the butters, milk, sugar, salt and vanilla until it is creamy. Then in a separate Bowl blend together the dry ingredients excluding the coconut and sea salt, you will mix those together in a smaller bowl and put that to the side. Next you will slowly mix your bowl of dry ingredients into the creamed butter and sugar mixture until it is all Blended together to make cookie dough. Then you will mix in the chocolate chips with a spatula or wooden spoon.

Once that is all Blended together, Place 12 Spoonful cookies on a parchment lined cookie sheet, top each cookie with a Sprinkle of the coconut and pink sea salt, then bake them for about 10 minutes keeping an eye on them to make sure that they get to your favorite level of toasty golden brown.

Then remove them from the oven, and try not to burn your mouth eating all of them straight from the oven. Ideally I would wait a few minutes to let them cool down but I understand how tough that can be.

(I used 60 mgs THC of distillate to individually dose these AFTER baking to insure that the dose was more accurate and didn't get baked off, you COULD add in a small amount of cannabutter and blend it in with your regular butter before baking if you are using cannabutter.)

If you make this recipe, or any of my recipes please let me know how it goes!


Photos by Ali Limon Photography