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California New Testing Standards and What to Expect

California is set to destroy quite a bit of cannabis because of new testing regulations that are being put in place July 1st.
Some people are upset because the remainder of the Cannabis will be destroyed, while other people are raking in the deals at their local dispensary. I am very happy that California is going to be establishing higher testing standards specifically because of wildfires and issues with pesticides.
Oregon has the highest testing standards for our cannabis products, and we have seen the benefit of it! Beautiful, clean green certified flower and amazing and clean dabs/shatter and cartridges.
This is going to mean a clean slate for cannabis purchasing in California, having higher testing standards means cleaner product, which also means more helpful product. When you make the choice to go to plant medicine you want to be able to focus on the plant and not pesticides or chemicals.
You might see some brands disappear from the shelves or hear about brands having a hard time with new standards, but that is part of the growing pains of a new industry.
Unfortunately testing and compliance can be tough for smaller brands because of the price of testing and keeping everything super clean, but it is still possible! They just have to be prepared.
These testing standards will also mean clear dosage information for edibles and other cannabis products which again, is a win! When I was in California purchasing from a dispensary last, I noticed that the flower was very expensive and the wax or shatter was very cheap. And then I remembered the wildfires that had happened before that crop. So my assumption is that they were taking damaged flower and pressing it to turn it into wax, when you take the combustion of that to the parts per million, that means that you are vaporizing and inhaling smoke matter.
As someone who has asthma that is very terrifying to me. That could mean a day in the hospital or worse for some people if they are dealing with asthma. So these new testing standards will hopefully make a market full of cleaner product, that is more helpful for the medical patients more dank for the recreational patients and is a product that California can really be proud of!