A peek into High Noon

High Noon was a culmination of everything that I have studied so hard for. Years of Culinary school training, craft bartending, stage managing, cooking with cannabis and working with cannabis had made me the perfect host and coordinator for this specific type of event.

High Noon was absolutely a collaborative effort.

David Hill was my Sous Chef, who held it the fuck down in the kitchen! I literally could not have done this without him. He made like a lot of taco shells made outta cheese for me. That is love. And that love showed with every course and I am so grateful to have had him be part of this.

One of the benefits of having awesome musician friends is....at some point, they have had to wait tables. Andrew, an incredibly talented solo artist, threw on an apron and helped me out with service. And lucky for me, he had done Dim Sum service for years while he worked on self producing his first album. His knowledge of dim sum, small plates and tea service was crucial for this type of brunch. There were mimosas, teas, 5 courses, sides, Cannabis courses, and then all of the other drinks one requires at brunch. He did it all with great style and kindness.

Coco Madrid is a night life legend here in Portland, and she was the epitome of hostess. From promotion, to greeting guests, djing and catering to every need of our guests, she truly is a professional "Vibe Maker".

And all of these beautiful photos??? Nicole Kondra. She styled all of the food pictures as I was plating. I was so in the moment with my food and my guests I didn't take any pictures or even look at my phone during service. Her photos are incredible because she really considered my style and what we were doing. You can check out her amazing photography at NicoleKondra.com .

Interior Designer and Clothing designer Claire Doody provided a perfectly designed space. Every single detail was carefully placed to be considerate of the guests and meet the needs of whatever their stoned little hearts desired.


And Claire made this Lace Tent!!!

The idea behind the lace tent was to make a comfortable space for the person who has an over active periphery when they are using cannabis. This would allow the person sitting in the tent to feel like they were still part of the party without being overly stimulated. It was sooo dreamy!


I went to Stash (yup.) Tea Store on Mississippi Street and described some terpene notes that I wanted to pair with teas and they made some incredible teas especially for me. At High Noon, I paired a very piney and lemony tea with Cinex, an Oregon hybridized strain that has incredible Pinene and Limonene terpene notes, and then guest dosed these teas with cbd infused, organic honey.


And the guests!!! From models, to owners of some of my favorite Cannabis Companies were in attendance. They contributed so much to the conversation, and our photos.

The whole event was incredible. Afterwards I sat in that lace tent, while Coco djed and soaked in what just happened. Then I realized, this is what I have to be doing. Everyone was as happy with that day as I was.. because of how it all came together, the energy, the layers of THC and CBD were timed perfectly, it was like a symphony. I CAN'T WAIT TO DO IT AGAIN!!