I have gotten so many great testimonials lately, and I just had to share.

There are a lot of Cannabis caterers emerging right now, but I like to point out that my dinners are not just a infused with Marijuana they are infused with information and care. It has been so great to hear that my guests feel and experience all of the thought that I have put into their high




“I have been an active marijuana user for about 13 years. Over that time, the industry and the product has changed and furthered tremendously. I have been following Liv for a while, so when I saw an opportunity to experience her last ‘High in the Sky’ dinner in LA, I was so excited! All of my excitement came to fruition, night of. The location was stunning. She put so much thought and care into the whole aesthetic, making it truly an unforgettable evening. The food was absolutely delicious and presented beautifully. She timed and planned everything perfectly. She made sure to answer all of our questions and check in with us individually to gauge our response to the dosed dishes. I also loved that she provided product for us to use along with the dinner. I was thrilled and fortunate to get to experience this dinner and highly recommend it to everyone. Whether you are an active user or you just have a curiosity. I didn’t know anything about dosing or cannabinoids. So, it was really cool to actually get to experience it and not just read about it. I have anxiety and use medical marijuana/CBD for this reason. Sometimes it’s hard to have to smoke all the time. Finding out it was possible to micro dose and all of the other useful information she provided about new products, was just what I needed. I am grateful for my experience and would definitely do it again” - Kendall

"My experience at High In The Sky was fantastic. The food was absolutely amazing! Everything was made with the best ingredients and expertly dosed to provide a smooth lift without getting too high. Which is perfect because the crowd and the ambiance is so well curated that you'll want to get to know your neighbors." - Auto