Cannabis and PMS..

Super full moon seems like a great time to talk about Cramps! 

Super full moon seems like a great time to talk about Cramps! 

This is a topic that I get a lot of messages from women about so I wanted to take a minute to talk about some great Solutions for cramps.
I stole this photo from @vanderpop because it is almost like a PMS survival kit.
Chocolate, a beautiful rose gold pax for vaping, tons of flower, and the piece de resistance , Empower Bodycare 4play spray.
Topicals like Empower 4play are incredible because there are NO psychoactive effects. So you can get real relief from cramps without feeling disoriented or out of it, because topicals of this nature don't pierce through the membrane layer into your bloodstream. You CAN feel some relaxation and euphoria, when using a topical like this, especially if you've been dealing with stress and cramps for a while. But you would not really feel the psychoactive effects of the THC in a product that is used in this manner.

Yes.  This product was originally made for  making  you and your partner more comfortable during intercourse, but spraying a little bit of this incredible topical on a diva cup or tampon can give almost unparalleled relief to  a woman who is dealing with cramping related to PMS or endometriosis.   

Topicals like this give great relief without any psychoactive effect , making it easier to stay a bit more clear-headed when you're trying to maneuver through your day. Personally I get very disoriented and clumsy when it's getting close to my time of the month.  So having  something like this on hand is great, so that I am not feeling so bogged down and foggy , while I get relief from cramping pain.  Also Empower is just an incredible company. It is all female owned and mostly female operated and Empower is a brand that is nationally recognized for the incredible products that they are making. They use all natural oils , a lot of topicals much like lotions are full of a lot of different ingredients  but  Empower uses all natural oils  which really makes a big difference when it comes to my skin and my pH balance.

If you are dealing with cramps and don't mind the effects of THC, I would suggest strains that are great for inflammation, and that work as anti-spasmodics while giving you some mood elevation. Strains like white widow, Obama kush, Super Silver Haze, and Blue dream all come with a euphoric affect, mood elevation, and relief from cramping.  All of these really help me turn my PMS into PMA.

CBDs are also super helpful when it comes to PMS. CBD works as an antispasmodic, as well as lowering your blood pressure, your blood sugar and  helping with inflammation. So this can also add to relief from cramps.

And if you get a chocolate edible, make sure that it is low dose.  Our sugar cravings and high-dose edibles  do not really go hand-in-hand .  So I like to take a small piece of chocolate  that is around 10 mg and then mix it in  to a bigger snack, like a S'more or on top of a warm cookie. It is always best to just make a batch of non-dosed brownies or cookies, and then mix a little bit of a dosed candy in at the end, or add it on top! That way you're not worried about having too much THC and you still get to have a delicious treat, and if you want more cookies you don't have to stress about getting too high.

If you try this product and/or method, or any of these strains, PLEASE write me to let me know how it goes! Almost all research in cannabis is anecdotal as it is now so any feedback that I get about product or people dealing with certain health issues  is  research for me.