Weed and Bingeworthy show pairings...

We are in the Pacific Northwest, it's cold and weed is legal. While i am bud-tending I have decided to start suggesting weed strains to people based on what they are binge watching. Its getting to be a pretty fun little game for me, and I thought I would share some of my suggestions with you guys...

  1. Orange Is The New Black - Pitbull. This Indica dominant strain is both relaxing and can lead to a giggly high. Perfect for keeping calm when you are nervous for Piper and giggly for laughing at Pennsyltucky.

  2. Making a Murderer - ANYTHING HIGH CBD because your blood pressure is gunna be all over the damn place! But for strains I would suggest Dutch Dragon. It's a Sativas dom so you won't fall asleep listening to all of the monotone banter and be able to follow the cases very closely. You'll have thumb tacks with strings running accross them on your wall by the last episode.

  3.  Ash vs. Evil Dead - I would go with a hybrid because it's a wild fucking ride and you need the best of both worlds. I would suggest Headband or Bruce Banner or even Gorilla Glue. The creativity of the show and the jokes would only be magnified by these strains.

  4. Mr Robot - Pennywise. It's a high cbd Indica with a focused high. So you will pay close attention but have the cbd there to relax you when you get to the end of the season.

  5. Super girl - I would suggest Tranquil Elephantizer to put your ass to sleep,  because that shit looks terrible.

  6.  Bones - Cinex. It will inspire you to work on a project while binging instead of just laying around and it won't make you hungry so you won't have a mouth full of sandwich when Bones discovers some gross body parts

  7. Master of None - Chem Dawg or Sour Diesel. Both are uplifting giggly strains that aren't too Sativa dominant so you won't really feel too awkward while watching the awkward scenes.

  8. X-Files - Bubba Kush -  It's tranquilizing effects can lead to some visuals you will be seeing little green men and agreeing with Mulder in no time!

  9. Bob's Burgers - Gorilla Glue #4. It is a euphoric and giggly high that brings on the hungry and creative once the high sets in. You'll be in the kitchen making up your own burger concoction before ya know it!

  10. Sons of Anarchy - LA Confidential. It is a calming and sedative strain with a great body feel to keep you calm when you want to smash your TV over some dumb shit that Gemma did.

  11. Twin Peaks - Cherry pie. The focused, creative and sedative high will have you following the plot lines closely but also embracing all of the weirdness. Also.....Cherry Pie.

Comment below if you have any strain/binge worthy show questions or need pairing suggestions..