High On The Vine 1-20-2018

Restaurateur, chef, and cannabis educator Liv Vasquez brings her famed traveling Cannabis pop-up party to Napa Valley on January 20th 5pm  (now with a VEGAN menu)!

Celebrate Recreational Marijuana in style!

Part Speakeasy, Part haute cuisine, Part cannabis education... High On The Vine on January 20th will be a Cuulinary Adventure not to be missed!

High On The Vine", will be held in a secret location in Napa, California, at 5pm on January 20th. This multi-course dinner is  expertly micro-dosed by Chef and Cannabis Educator Liv “Livviesmalls” Vasquez.


Each, individually and uniquely micro-dosed course will be presented with a side of information about how you will absorb each dish. 


Liv will be working with local wine makers and Cultivators to bring you Wine and Cannabis pairings that compare terpenes to notes in the wine.


If you have ever wondered why different edibles have different effects, you will get a better understanding of why after this intimate, and educational event.


Recreational Marijuana is FINALLY legal in California, what better way to celebrate it?
Liv has worked in Medical and Recreational Marijuana in Oregon for over 4 years, and as a chef for close to 20 years. Learn more about how recreational legality will change the market place, and how we absorb different products while surrounded by other Cannabis cultivators and enthusiasts.

Ticket price to High On The Vine  includes

Marijuana pairings

🥂Wine pairings

FOUR micro-dosed Vegan courses

Education about Cannabis as a Plant and as an industry, and

🤠A secret dining Adventure in Napa!



SAVE on fees - Pay directly through venmo and save over $25!!
Direct ticket buyers will pay $130 Per Person paid via Venmo. 


OR Tickets through Impactflow are $145 plus fees


Once your ticket is purchased you must send an email to Livviesmallsevents@gmail.com
checking in to receive clues and details and directions for the evening.


Ticket includes multiple courses that focus on fine dining cuisine and local foods that have been expertly miro-dosed with THC and CBD, 3 locally made wines that have been paired with local Marijuana flower, plenty of non-alcoholic beverages and product to use on site as well as product to take home. It will all end with an educational Q&A about using cannabis for health and what to expect in a recreational market.

- Liv (@Livviesmalls)