Vegan & Cajun September 22nd

I have wanted to make this Cajun, plant based menu for a while and the end of summer feels like the perfect time!

I will be hosting a vegan, cajun themed luncheon on 9/22 at 2pm.

This menu will get to feature some of my favorite recipes and educate about the Endocannabinoid system, the Entourage Effect and ethical flower.

The All Plant Based Menu includes..

Shrimp Boil Sliders -

A fluffy bun that is topped with buttery “seafood”, veggie sausage cooked in Old Bay, that is topped with a grilled corn relish and fresh herbs

Black Eyed Pea Caviar -

Marinated Black Eyed Peas and garden fresh vegetables marinated in a delicious CBD vinaigrette

Artichoke Heart Cakes -

Crispy, pan fried artichoke cakes that mimic the classic Crab Cake

Buffalo Mac N Cheese -

Creamy, vegan mac and cheese that is topped with crunchy and spicy buffalo veggie chikn

Served with a CBD, Frozen Hurricane mocktail or a Froze, frozen Rose

This meal will be micro-dosed with 5mgs or less per course paired with local, ethical flower from one of my favorite local farms.

8 Seats to this luncheon are available at $75 each and will include drinks, 5 dishes and a LOT of education.

Join me as I turn my dining room into a class room Sunday, September 22nd!



**SWIPE to see this "crab boil" style menu that includes infused mocktails.

Photos by the incredibly talented @alexknowbody

(Who's currently booking in PDX & San Jose)