Smoke On The Water On July 14th....

"Smoke On The Water" is an elevated Cannabis Cocktail Party on a beautiful and modern houseboat in Portland, Oregon.

Join me for this, one of a kind, mock-tail party on July 14th.

Guests will learn about cannabis and the endocanabanoid system while enjoying 5 plates of vegetarian microdosed, tapas-style appetizers, sipping on terpene and CBD mocktails, and gazing at the view of the water from the deck of this unique home.

Ever wonder why different edibles can have different effects?

I throw these parties to show guests how to "crack the code" on dosing Cannabis Edibles.

Because of the capacity of the boat, there are only 10 tickets available, so I am asking that potential guests fill out the ticket request form on my page to purchase.

This event will be very intimate, so this will be a great space for learning and forming relationships with other Cannabis enthusiasts in a beautiful and serene environment.

One lucky guest will also go home with their own Levo oil Infusion machine and everyone will get an incredible gift bag that will include some incredible product and educational information! 

To create a safe environment, I ask for guests to request a ticket by clicking the link below.

Once I receive your request that tells me that you are over 21 years old and a little bit about you, I will send you an email with information on how to buy tickets. 

Ticketing is set up this way because of the laws around cannabis events and ticketing. Thank you for understanding and taking these steps. 

Go to 

To request tickets (tickets require a $160 donation to cover expenses.)