Weed & Netflix Binge Pairing: Stranger Things and Headband

It's Sunday. You know what that means....time to pack a bowl, order a pizza and binge watch a series! By now we have all seen Stranger Things on Netflix... but to quote John Stewart, "Have you seen it on weeeed, man?". I love to pair strains with a good binge watch but what strain could make this rad series even radder?? Well... I think it's headband. Headband is a fun hybrid that isn't too sleepy or too focused, it also has a high CBG content which is usually linked to visuals because of the eye relaxation, which will have you saying "Did you see that?!?" and spooking yourself. The OG kush side of Headband will have you locked on Eleven's intensity and thinking about Barb, and the Sour Diesel side will have you laughing at everything Dustin says. Try this combo and let me know what you think!